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Motion Drive® - not simply a sports car rental

Our philosophy
Rent your dream

Of course, you can just simply rent a sports car in Europe or drive exotic cars in Germany, for a day, for a weekend, or directly for a whole month. But our offer goes far beyond that of our supercar rental competitors: Whether you book an action-packed racetrack training, an innovative drift training with super sports cars, a unique German Autobahn Experience or a guided sports cars tour with us - excellent service is what we deliver, sports car rental is our passion.

The right
sports car for rent

Lets start with our “entry level model”: Are you a fan of classic design, combined with impressive performance and a high suitability for daily usability? In that case it is clear, you should rent a Porsche 911.
What if you value a truly futuristic design and the sound of undiluted V8 power? No problem, just rent an Audi R8 and rev up the mid-engine. As innovative leader, we would like to please the fans of the newest sports cars, too. Now, it is possible at Motion Drive® to rent a BMW i8, the futuristic pioneer from Munich. You´re a fan of Japanese Hightech? You should definitely try "Godzilla" and rent a Nissan GTR Or, experience the newest star of the supercar heaven, and rent a Mercedes AMG GT. We can also serve fans of the Italian art of engineering - experience goosebumps-inducing sounds and authentic F1 feelings when you rent a Ferrari and operate at the limit of driving dynamics. And if even that is not enough for you, and only the menacing look of a stealth-bomber combined with the brute force of rampaging bulls qualify, you need to - for better or worse - rent a Lamborghini: emotions at the highest level!

No distance is too far
our locations

The heart of our sports car hire is the headquarter in Magdeburg, in the middle of Germany. But we are able to easily serve the rest of Germany - as part of our Germany-wide expansion you can rent your personal sports car in Berlin, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf, as well as in the South of Germany at our locations in Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt.
Next to that, we can deliver your dream car on request directly to your front door - any time and without compromises.

Events & Incentives
For everyone who would like to experience more than just driving a sports car

Motion Drive® has become more than just a sports car rental: we enable your sports car adventures! Experience, for example, the Motion Drive® racetrack training and drive your dream sports car – no matter if it is a Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, or Lamborghini – on Europe’s most beautiful racetracks. Or what about an adrenaline-filled Motion Drive® drift training, which after an exciting day full of action & fun on snow & ice will make you look like a professional rally driver! For our friends who enjoy a slower pace, we offer our guided Motion Drive® sports car tours: a unique package deal including Europe’s most beautiful roads, which you will explore accompanied by a selected group under guidance of professional tour guides behind the wheel of your dream sports car – full-service support, board and lodging included. Of course, all aforementioned offers are also available as exclusive B2B incentives for single employees or customers, or even for groups; no matter which unique experience you choose for.

Long-term rental
the better sports car leasing

For everyone who likes to rent sports cars for a longer period of time, our well-priced long-term rental is definitely the best option. Here we can, compared to a daily rental, offer greatly reduced prices, as you can see after comparing the prices yourself. In addition, you could benefit from some attractive tax benefits. Inspections, road tax, and full insurance protection are included in every long-term rental, which means you do not have to worry about anything, except your driving fun. The long-term rental from Motion Drive is therefore a useful alternative to leasing.

Gift Ideas and Gifts for men & more

Of course, we also provide something for everyone who does not just want to drive a sports car by themselves: every experience, every car, every training, and every event is also available as an exclusive sports car gift voucher - or even (for everyone who wants genuine high-value) in a premium gift-box including a matching model car. Just one of the perfect gift ideas and gifts for men and women!

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