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About us

Motion Drive - Rent your dream

Our vision: to make the „super sports car experience“
                                available for our customers real.

We fulfill the wishes of every car enthusiast through the whole bandwidth of the automative fascination, from the classic Porsche 911 until the exotic Lamborghini Gallardo. Besides that, we help many newcomers to this world of sports cars to become enthusiasts!

With seven nationwide locations in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt a.M., Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Magdeburg, next to a European network, Motion Drive is one of the biggest rental companies for exclusive sports cars in Europe. Thanks to our in-house service department to maintain and take care of the cars, and the Europe-wide effective car logistics network; it is possible to offer every sports car, every time, everywhere in Germany and Europe.

As an owner-managed premium quality company, individual customer orientation and intensive service for our customers are our most important concerns. This makes it possible for you to experience the speed, performance, perfection and emotions of our exotic cars and make this into an unique and unforgettable experience.

With personal deliveries, one-way rentals, and customized solutions, we guarantee our customers flexibility and driving pleasure at the highest level. We do not just offer classic car rentals; next to this, we also provide our clients very special experiences with racetrack events, guided sports car tours, and customized solutions for teambuilding and incentive events in the B2B sector.

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Our team - your contact persons

Phillipp Müller

Phillipp Müller Owner & Director

Kenji Bernhöft

Kenji Bernhöft Head of Sales

Christian Bekel

Christian Bekel Marketing

Dirk Müller

Dirk Müller Chief Operation Officer

Sarah Hannemann

Sarah HannemannAccounting

Vijay Vengatesh

Tobias Friemelt Marketing

Christian Schmid

Christian Schmid Workshop Supervisor

Tobias Hantke

Tobias Hantke Sales & Customer Support

Yuri Marques Lopes

Yuri Marques Lopes Marketing

Forian Marschhausen

Florian Marschhausen Delivery Service

Eva Kürten

Eva Kürten Sales & Customer Support

Chris Heiligers

Chris Heiligers Marketing

Martin Krüger

Martin Krüger Delivery Service

Paul Neumann

Paul Neumann Sales & Customer Support

Vijay Vengatesh

Vijay Vengatesh International Sales

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