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Driving exp. with instr.:
€ 299,-
Daily rental from:€ 399,-
Weekend rental from:€ 999,-
Weekly rental from:€ 1.999,-
Monthly rental from:€ 4.999,-
Security deposit:
€ 3.000,-
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Rent a Porsche 911 now!

350 hp | 0-100 km/h: 4.3 sec | top speed: > 300 km/h

Traditional looks combined with state of the art technology. One of the most important and best sports cars of the modern era!

Locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Magdeburg, Leiden (NL), Heerlen (NL)

Our opinion about the Porsche 911 Carrera

It all started with a 911 - not just at Porsche, but also at Motion Drive. Although we are relatively prejudiced and not necessarily the biggest Porsche-fans, we let the “911 experience” affect us… and it convinced us! We drove more powerful cars, we drove better equipped cars, and we drove cars which should be more comfortable (apparently). But, non of them came even close to the iconic 911. With no other car it seems to be your duty to drive it with a manual gearbox: you should simply experience how the short motorsports-inspired gear lever slides through the extremely precise channels, and how the very compact steering wheel provides that much feedback that you are able to read the streets. One thing is for sure: the “nine-eleven” bares his name and accompanying myth with pride, and everyone who has only one drop of petrol in their blood should definitely drive a Porsche 911!

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Why you should rent the Porsche 911

We try our best to let you experience the unique feeling and emotions which you experience when driving this sports car. Nevertheless, no picture and no word can describe what you feel when you floor the throttle of a Porsche 911 and experience the various forces at your own body.

Unfortunately, a 911 remains just a dream for most. We would like to change that! So start this fascinating Porsche adventure - no matter if you rent a Porsche for an hour or a complete month!

As a large German Porsche rental company, we are able to offer this unique experience to you.

Next to Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg, you can also rent this dream in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Magdeburg. You only have to decide how long you would like to drive the Porsche! Conclusion: renting instead of buying!

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