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Rent a
BMW M2 Competition

Leistung 410 HP
Leistung 280 km/h
Leistung 4.1s
Rent from:399€

What you can expect

pfeil-icon maximum torque with a 3.0 liter biturbo-engine
pfeil-icon rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential
pfeil-icon street legal motorsport performance!


Driving with instructor:299€
1 Day from:399€
Weekend from:999€
Week from:1799€
Month from:4999€

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BMW M2 Competition: Our thoughts

M3 is an abbreviation that has been standing for years for high-performance sports cars of the BMW series models. The most reliable engines, meticulously tuned chassis and maneuvering are the elements with which every M3 possesses. And that’s what BMW donated to the M2! The M2 is the legitimate successor of the M3 and the little brother of the BMW M4.

The BMW M2 Competition is the right supercar, if..

all those who lay there priorities not only on prestige and optics but moreover on driving dynamics on the road. Old sports car characteristics like a good handling, agility, a good power-to-weight-ratio and high cornering speeds are offered by the M2 better then by many other so-called sports cars. And as it is equipped with a bunch of electronics and comfort features the rental of a BMW M2 is not only good for a joyride on your favourite racetrack but for a weekend roadtrip to Italy as well. The M4 simply is an all-rounder.

History of the BMW M2 Competition

Like we said the BMW motorsports history already began a few decades ago. Beside their prestigous engagement in formula 1 and the 24-hour-race in Le Mans BMW always participated in many GT- and touring car series and did this quite successful. The forefather of the BMW M2 is the legendary BMW M3 that debuted as the E30 model range and dominated the International motorsports scene for years. The concept behind the success of the M always stays the same: You take a normal 3-series (or now 2-series) body and implement a high-potential engine together with a complete sports car chassia and drive train.

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