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Leistung 362 HP
Leistung 250 km/h
Leistung 4.4s
Rent from:599€

What you can expect

pfeil-icon Innovative sports car concept
pfeil-icon Futuristic design, that will catch attention wherever he goes
pfeil-icon High-Tech features by BMW


Driving with instructor:399€
1 Day from:599€
Weekend from:1999€
Week from:2999€
Month from:6999€

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BMW I8: Our thoughts

Even if you are not the biggest fan of “e-mobility”, when looking at the futuristic i8 almost everyone gets this irresistible and overwhelming “I-want-it-feeling”. That’s why it was an absolute highlight for us to drive this new star of the sports car heaven over the boulevards where he feels perfectly at home. The perfect combination between driving comfort and the powerful on demand acceleration is a welcome surprise – more than once when driving the BMW i8 we felt as if we did not have a 1.5 Liter three-cylinder but a larger six-in-line engine working behind our back…

The BMW I8 is the right supercar, if..

the two concepts of “environmentally friendly” and “sports car” do not rule each other out, but actually complete each other. If you are interested in experiencing future orientated technologies, there is currently no way around renting a BMW i8. And, thanks to the unique character of this car, this purebred sports car will ensure you a unique and exclusive driving experience. His spacious interior, the excellent driving comfort, and the above average driving range makes the i8 an extraordinary driving companion for traveling, long distance drives of any type, and therefore even real road warriors could rent a i8 without any worries.

History of the BMW I8

It is 2009, when at Germany’s most important car show, the IAA in Frankfurt, the historical brand BMW reveals the “Vision Efficient Dynamics” concept – a study which caused a worldwide sensation, just like the announcement to put this eye catcher into production soon. BMW kept this promise, and at the IAA of 2011 they revealed the i8 study which would be almost exactly the same as the production model. And, ever since the summer of 2014 the first vehicles are leaving the factory to explore the world’s most beautiful roads. And since 2015, Motion Drive® is the first and only German BMW i8 rental.

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