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Nissan GT-R

Leistung 570 HP
Leistung 315 km/h
Leistung 2.8s
Rent from:499€

What you can expect

pfeil-icon The superstar of all asian sports cars
pfeil-icon Brute power packed up in unique design
pfeil-icon All eyes on him, wherever he goes


Driving with instructor:399€
1 Day from:499€
Weekend from:1399€
Week from:2499€
Month from:4999€

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Nissan GT-R: Our thoughts

Many connoisseurs lovingly call him "Godzilla". With this nickname they are not entirely wrong. The power of this Japanese masterpiece is endless. In this car always drives a background noise that you hardly find in a production vehicle. The V6 bi-turbo literally screams at you every time you put your foot on the throttle. Also to convince the sporty characteristics of the Nissan GT-R, we have rarely seen a car that merges so much with the road. You simply want to rent a Nissan GTR now, but: You hardly want to leave the car again. The sheer power of 570 horsepower literally sticks to the asphalt and offers beginners and professionals a very satisfying driving experience. This street monster is rounded off by the beefy exterior, which was slightly changed again with the facelift. Connoisseurs notice the changes to the body, but especially the interior was significantly upgraded compared to the predecessor. Those who have not yet enjoyed the Japanese motorsport giant should definitely rent the Nissan GT-R to feel the power of their own body. NEW: Drive the Nissan GT-R on the Autobahn at speeds of 300 km/h and more with our famous Autobahn Experience!

The Nissan GT-R is the right supercar, if..

You are too familiar with European sports cars or you see them too often on the streets, then the GT-R is the right car for you. The incredible and unique handling, as well as the snappy grip with which the car bites on the road, leaves you speechless even after the thousandth ride. While professionals use these features to take advantage of curves and straights to the max, beginners can quietly push the limits of physical possibilities and rely on the symbiosis of asphalt and GT-R. A super sports car that captivates everyone.

History of the Nissan GT-R

Although he no longer bears the venerable epithet, we can read it in the tradition of his predecessors. The Skyline series by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan enjoys similar cult status as of Porsches 911. This car now has challenged at the top of the Asian automotive scene and registered as King of Power, which position no car dared to challenge for in more than 10 years.

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