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Rent a
Tesla Model S P100D

Leistung 772 HP
Leistung 250 km/h
Leistung 3.3s
Rent from:499€

What you can expect

pfeil-icon Model S P90D - This is the sports sedan of the future.
pfeil-icon Nearly 1000 Nm of torque!
pfeil-icon High-Tech Interior


Driving with instructor:299€
1 Day from:499€
Weekend from:999€
Week from:1499€
Month from:3999€

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Tesla Model S P100D: Our thoughts

The Tesla Model S is the real pioneer amongst the sports sedans. This is not only the first serious attempt to build a desirable electric car; it also is a brave, pioneering, and very successful attempt to build a sports sedan from scratch, in a decade in which the world is already over-populated by the most perfectly composed sports sedans ever built. Of course, being real petrol heads, we never felt really enthusiastic about electric cars. They somehow (or obviously?) miss the most essential parts that make us petrol heads fall in love with them: the engine and it’s sound! And yet, the Tesla Model S P90D knew to intrigue us at first sight. Driving a Tesla Model S is a joyful experience. It even knew to surprise us with its sporty driving capabilities, because the power delivery is instant! You don’t believe us? We do not blame you for that! Try it yourself, and rent a Tesla Model S.

The Tesla Model S P100D is the right supercar, if..

you are open to experience new ways to enjoy the thrills of driving. The electric drivetrain of the Tesla Model S might not have the powerful sound of a beautifully engineered sports car engine, but it brings the term “instant power” to another level. If you like fast cars, but do not need the constant grunt of a powerful engine, then the Tesla Model S might just be the perfect car for you. Do you like gadgets? Did you have one of the first iPads? Do you wear a smart watch? Then you should drive a Tesla Model S!

History of the Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Motors is an American car manufacturer, which focuses entirely on fully electric powered cars. The company started in 2003 by designing a fully electric sports car: the Tesla Roadster. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, invested the fortune he made with the success of his online payment service PayPal in Tesla. The result is worth it: the Tesla Model S. This is Tesla’s first completely in-house developed car. The secret of its success is mainly the appearance of this car: for the first time, a fully electric car knew to convince hordes of car enthusiasts. In 2012, the Model S was released on the American market. Meanwhile, it is also for sale in Europe where it tries to earn a spot between true sports sedan heroes such as the Porsche Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte, BMW 6 Gran Coupé and Audi S7.

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