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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to rent a sports car from Motion Drive. Is it possible to choose the colour of the vehicle myself?

In the case of classical rent we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee the availability of cars in definite colours, because of the great quantity of our vehicles and due to the fact that different models of cars are positioned in different locations all over Germany and are being constantly transported from one city to another. However we take your wishes into consideration and try to fulfill them.

2. Can I make a reservation via phone as well?

We are always available for a consultation via phone, but, please, take into account the fact, that you might be calling from the different time zone. You can as well use our online booking system for your specific enquires at . For your subsequent rent we require an e-mail with attached copies of your ID card, driver license and credit card you intend to use for the payments.

3. I have a voucher from Motion Drive or from one of your partners. When and how can I redeem it?

Usually our 1-day vouchers can be redeemed from Monday to Thursday, until weekend rent is not explicitly stated. However, after paying an extra charge in amount of 30% a voucher can be used on the weekend as well. Vouchers, that include a ride with our instructor, can be redeemed solely on the first weekend of each month.

4. Why should I pay a deposit?

The reservation of a car is valid only after the payment was made. That is necessary since expenditures connected with your reservation occur in the departments of logistics and management before the actual rent takes place. This payment serves us as a guarantee and will of course be completely accounted for in the rent contract.

5. Why cannot the rental charge be deducted from the deposit?

The deposit serves as a co-insurance in case of damage event and must therefore stay untouched.

6. How can I pay by Motion Drive?

There are several kinds of payment available. Beside a bank transer, we also offer a possibility to pay the rental with a credit-card. While a bank transfer saves 5% of the rental price, a 9% extra charge will be added to a credit-card payment, in a consequence of arising fees. Alternatively, you can also pay in cash or with an EC-card on delivery. However in this case, it is necessary to transfer 25% of the price beforehand.

7. Are there any minimum age requirements at Motion Drive?

In the case of classical rent the following age requirements apply: Porsche 911: 21 years Audi R8: 23 years Lamborghini: 25 years Ferrari: 25 years The minimum age requirements can, in individual cases, be omitted after providing a larger deposit. There is no need to pay deposit for a racetrack training or for a ride with our instructor, as both are accompanied by our experienced instructor. and the minimum required age is 18 years in this case. What is required is presenting valid ID card and driver license.

8. Should I always leave a deposit?

In the case of a classic rent, the deposit is necessary. Customers, that decide for a racetrack training or for a ride with our instructor, do not have to leave any deposit.

9. What happens if I drive more kilometers than I actually booked?

If you drive more kilometers than required in the contract, they will be deducted afterwards. Please pay attention to the price of each additional kilometer given on our website.

10. Does Motion Drive offer any possibilities for very young and/or inexperienced drivers?

Our philosophy is to make an adventure with the super sports cars possible for everyone. Thus, we offer get-to-know tours for young and inexperienced cars enthusiasts. Those do not require any previous knowledge and will be conducted by our experienced instructors.

11. I would like to rent a car at a not specified location. Is it possible?

We deliver cars to any address across whole Europe. Please use our online calculator for your individual request.

12. What additional costs should I count on?

If you act in line with the contractial conditions agreed upon, no additional costs arise. If you drive additional kilometers, their cost will be deducted afterwards.