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Complementary Tours and Holidays in Germany

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It is over 5 years ago now that Motion Drive decided to not only deliver the finest selection of exotic supercars to German customers but also offer foreign travellers the chance to explore Germany at a high-speed level. Unique specials like the German Autobahn Experience have made us popular in many countries from all over the world and today the International Rentals are the most increasing business section of Motion Drive.


Since then many of our clients were asking for additional service like hotel recommendations, tour recommendations and other event services in Germany. As this has been done as a side service of our sales managers we´re now proudly presenting a new cooperation with the Denmark based, but global travel booking portal Bookmundi offering a world-wide range of tours and holiday services such as:

  • Booking of day tours in Germany
  • Fixed Group Departures
  • Unique Vacation Packages


Bookmundi is currently offering tours and holiday packages in over 120 countries. Travellers coming to Germany for example can now choose between a wide range of selections of complementary German tour packages for their sports car rental.


So feel free to have a look and explore the world of touring and holiday world of Bookmundi, and complement one of their amazing tours, with an amazing luxury car rental hire in 2018 from Motion Drive.

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