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10 tips to rent a sports car in Germany

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  1. Rental car insurance: Every single rental car in Germany must be registered as a rental car by a special rental car insurance - Otherwise in case of an accident it will loose its full insurance making your rental a financial nightmare! Serious companies don´t have a problem to show the insurance policy upfront of your reservation. For your own saftey: Please don´t rent some private cars just because they are slightly cheaper!
  2. Self-liability: Surely you know that there must be paid a security deposit to rent a supercar, but what most people do not know is the fact the the self-liability of the isurance can be completely different from this deposit. So read the GTC carefully to avoid paying too much money in case of an accident.
  3. Age of the cars: Is there any worse than entering a car over a worn seat, grabbing the greasy steering wheel and listening to the beautiful sound of your rattling engine!? Of course there are always some sports car rental companies that seem to be cheaper but sometimes a slightly higher rental rate is a rather good investment, especially when you´re about to fulfill your personal dream.
  4. Extra Mileage: In the luxury car hire branch it is common to restrict the included mileage per rental. But often the mileage that is being invoiced after your rental is much more expensive than if you would have booked that in advance.
  5. Price comparison: You may know we´re talking about the rental of  the world´s most exclusive supercars being worth more than some family houses.. But the price is just one  attribute to compare and shouldn´t be overestimated as there are much more criterias to make you rental a one-of-a-lifetime-experience: High quality has it´s price or would you buy a broken smartphone just because it was cheaper...!?
  6. Customer service: The luxury car hire market in Germany in increasing every single year what´s not always good: Dubious private hirer listing there cars on Ebay & Co., part-time hobby renters and even some biggers budget rental companies offering exotic dream cars for rates that (at the first look) seem to be sensational! You´ll get the bill later.. Sloppy cleaned sports cars with more stone spots than horsepower, worst accessibility of their service team (especially in emergency situations..) and cars delivery at some back-street warehouses are still the smallest problem. In general you can say that the bigger the rental company the better is their service level and comments and reviews on several internet platforms will show you who made his homework. At least you should have a critical look on their website: Companies that are not even able to take of their website won´t do better with the most expensive cars on planet...
  7. Additional drivers: Of course you don´t want to enter the unlimited German Autobahn alone in your Lamborghini or cruise to the next café in your Porsche 911 without somebody joining your emotions. And after being influenced for the first time nearly every passenger wants to take over the steering wheel for a short time. But be careful: Is this driver is not mentioned in the rental contract it may be possible that there is absolutely no valid insurance policy! So just be honest to your hirer and give him all drivers that will take a ride in the car.
  8. Race tracks: Just lapping the Audi R8 rental car a few times around the Nürburgring Nordschleife to achieve a new track record? Not a good idea! Nearly every single sports car hire company is not allowing usage of their cars on race- and test tracks and non-public tracks in general. If you think about the wearing of all parts this is absolutely no wonder as the rental amount wouldn´t cover that at all. And of course there´s no insurance in that case. P.S.: If you really want to get some track experience, just have a look at our racetrack events where porfessional motorsport instructors will lead your way!
  9. Car delivery: Unfortunately it can happen so fast: The beautiful 20" forged back wheel had some bad contact with the curbstone. But wait, could it be possible that this damage was already there before and it´s simply not my fault!? Evene if you´re in a hurry: A rigurous record of delivery is definitely a must-have and if you save all scratches and damages on your smartphone you´ll be on the safe side.
  10. Pictures: Everything seems to be perfect: In just a few hours this wonderful red coloured Ferrari will be delivery to your hotel and smartphones all around you will make you feel like a rockstar! To avoid some bad mood when the supercar suddenly comes in a grubby silver teint you should study if the pictures presented at the hirer´s page are real or just a good copy.   

We hope that at least a few of your guys can be saved from some bad experiences.

Team Motion Drives wishes you a perfect sports car rental experience in Germany!

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