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10 facts you didn´t know about the German Autobahn

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1) Opening: The German Autobahn is one of the oldest highways in the world, it was opened already in 1932.

2) Nazi propaganda: You think that Adolf Hitler was responsible for the idea of it? We´re sorry, but that is wrong. It was Konrad Adenauer coming up with this idea already a few years earlier.

3) Flood of shoes: It looks scary to see so many lost shoes at parking lots and fuel stations but the reason is simple: Nearly every trucker has 2 pairs of it and often they´re just forgotten there.

4) Speed limit: It´s correct that there´s no generel speed limit, but most sections are already limited either by signs or electronic traffic regulation systems.

5) General speed limit: Not everybody in Germany is happy about the risks and dangers of unrestricted sections. And because of that discussions about installing a general speed limit take place every few years. In times of e-mobility and autonomous driving cars it´ll be just a matter of time when the automobile lobby in Germany can´t stand the opposition anymore. So better take your chance of an unlimited driving experience now...Zwinkernd

Porsche 911 on German Autobahn

6) Traffic jams: The number of cars is increasing daily. And so the traffic jams are. The German ADAC recorded the unbelievable number of 694.000 traffic jams only for the year 2016.

7) AVUS: The AVUS in Berlin - built from 1913 to 1921 - is not only the oldest Autobahn section, it also was used as one of Germany´s most famous racetracks for over 70 years!

8) Left lane: Germans are very strict in following rules and regulations. And so you´ll recognize why the left lane is free mopst of the time: It´s only allowed for overtaking unless the other lanes are not possible to use.

Audi R8 on German Autobahn

9) Speed record: You think a Bugatti Veyron reaching 407 km/h nowadays is impressive? Well, what about the Mercedes W125? It was fearless Rudolf Caracciola that took this V12-monster to some unbelievable 433 km/h already in 1933. A record that´s still valid over 80 years later!

10) Speeding record: This award goes to a 22-year young guy that squeezed some astonishing 291 km/h out of his BMW 7 series. Unfortunately there were only 100 km/h allowed...

We hope you enjoyed our little story about the Autobahn, speed limits and speed records. If you now feel like seeing this magical German roads on your own, feel free to have a taste of our legendary German Autobahn Experience!

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