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Nissan GT-R - Nickname: Godzilla

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Nissan GTR: Leadership because of Power


The Nissan GT-R is a beast, equipped with 570 HP and 637 Nm of Torque. His power is delivered by a 3,8l V6 biturbo engine. 0 to 100km/h is reached in just about 2,7 seconds - all the way up to 315 km/h.


The production of the R35 GT-R started in 2007 and his fanbase is still growing. Just a year after the release Nissan´s racing team „Nismo“ replaced the Nissan 350Z and introduced the GT-R in the Super GT race series. Since then Nissan also offers the GT-R Nismo-Edition, which comes up with 600 HP and 652 Nm of Torque while cutting some weight at the same time.


Still, even though Godzilla runs straight forward like crazy while being a heavyweight with about 1,8 tons to carry, thanks to his all wheel drive and rounded up chassis one could say there´s an option for the GT-R to be an every day driver.


To match the Design of the R35 with its Power, Nissan did a wonderful job. He looks rough, aggressive, just like a bad boy bullying all these european sports cars on the road. And if a GT-R passes by you can always identify him by the iconic four round backlights.


Surprisingly, Godzilla differs a lot from other supercars in terms of the price. In Germany prices start at 99.900€, which is relatively cheap in comparison to other cars with similar specs.







So ist it fair to say that the GT-R is a imposter? Definitely not. He can catch up or even beat fellow supercars performance wise. The interieur is full of leather and fine worked stitches, followed up by RECARO sport seats and a juicy Bose sound system. Nothing to complain here. 

The engine is completely ha

ndmade and built together by one of only four „Sensei“ which sign it at the end, just like AMG does it.

Therefore its not a big surprise that there is such a big myth about the Nissan GT-R. It´s extremely powerful, while still delivering luxurious standards and at the same time being far cheaper than fellow supercars from Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and so on.

But to be fair, a big part of the legend is made up by the previous GT-R´s. They´re well known as the Skyline - Series.



A legend is born


Yes, the Slogan „GT-R“ has a long story attached to it. 50 years ago, the title was given to the Type PGC10 for the first time. Back then it should be a car for everybody, available as a coupê, limousine or estate car.


But it took some type until things got up. In 1989, with the introduction of the Skyline R32 GT-R the hype started. This one, and also the later models R33 and R34, became famous all around the globe because of the „2 Fast 2 Furious“ movies. The RB26 Engine (Twin Turbo 6 Zylinder-in line) is well known for being really solid and is perfectly viable for tuning. In combination with the all wheel drive its no secret that these cars can be really abused for drag racing.


To explain you what they´re capable of:


Briten Keith Cowie achieved a world record with his extremely tuned R32 GT-R at a „Ten of the Best“ race. He accelerated from 0 to 300 km/h in 12,47 seconds. A Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport takes about 14,6 seconds to reach the 300 mark. 

There´s no doubt that Nissan knew they created a legend. Although the R34 GT-R was only produced until late 2002, Nismo decided to relaunch a last series of these cars in 2005. Because there weren´t any new ones around, they started buying used ones that drove 30.000 kilometers at a maximum. After that they completely renewed the R34´s, gave them new loaders and did some additional performance tuning so they ended up with around 507 HP. In the end achieved prices of around 160.000 US Dollars.




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