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New Partnership between Motion Drive and CarClub!

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CarclubCarClub is the first and the only German start-up, which specializes in the co-owning area of sports-cars, oldtimers and luxurious cars. We are happy to anounce the beginning of our fruitful partnership!

If after experiencing the power of the super sports-cars rented by Motion Drive® you want to acquire a sports-car of your own: CarClub will make your dream possible. With CarClub, you can share a vehicle with a partner from your city without bearing the costs of owning your own car. The cost of renting a car from CarClub Co-Owning are less by about 60% and the investment by up to 80% compared to the sole ownership. You have 122 days of use, and nearly 7000 kilometers per year.

We would like to invite all our Motion Drive®-clients to register on the CarClub website. Here you can choose among 65 means of transport. As our clients, you are entitled to a special offer: CarClub bears all the running costs for 18 months (maintainance, taxes, insurance, parking, etc.) and all the administrative costs. If you are in need of more information, please call the following number +49 30 34719405 or access the company's Web-site.

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