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Motion Drive racetrack experience

  • A large selection of the most beautiful & fastest supercars
  • Have your Choice between Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche 911 or Audi R8 on the racetrack
  • Exclusive racetracks to drive on
  • Experienced motorsport driving instructors for every participant
  • All inclusive: sports car, racetrack rental, instructor, gasoline and car insurance
  • Also suitable for motorsports rookies: participation already from 18 years on!
  • HD video & pictures (optional)

Racetrack adventure

What is more beautiful for the hardcore sports car fan than driving his dream car over empty country roads to forget about everyday life? Indeed! The smell of burning rubber and high octane exhaust fumes, the sound of engines revving towards their limiter, and the shiny paint of exotic sports cars flickering in the sun - Welcome at the Motion Drive® racetrack training!

Motion Drive® Motor Sports Day

Regarding the great demand we are now offering a new spectacular racetrack experience for all our racetrack-loving customers: The Motion Drive® Motor Sports Day gives you the possibility to experience all our numerous racetrack offers in a single racetrack day at Spreewaldring. Thrill of speed guaranteed!

ServiceMotorsport Day BasicMotorsport Day L
Motorsport Day
Motorsport Day XXL

Porsche 911 6 laps or laps or 4 laps + 5 laps +
Audi R8 laps or laps or 4 laps + 5 laps +
Lamborghini laps or laps or 2 laps + 3 laps +
Ferrari 4 laps 6 laps 2 laps 3 laps

Professional 3D-race simulator Inclusive Inclusive Inclusive 20 minutes inclusive
High Performance Race Taxi 1 lap 1 lap 2 laps 3 laps
Own vehicle - 10 min inclusive 20 min inclusive Inclusive all-day
Instructor Standard Standard Motorsport-Professional Motorsport-
Drinks Inclusive
(1 person)
(1 person)
(1 person)
(3 persons)
Catering - Inclusive
(1 person)
(1 person)
(3 persons)
Merchandise package - - - Inclusive
Premium model car - - - Inclusive
Personal event-photobook - - - Inclusive
Price (incl. VAT) 399,00 € 599,00€ 999,00€ 1499,00€

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