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Porsche 911 Carrera
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(2,00 €/km)
Luxury rate

Luxury rate
Luxury-package with all selectable options

Premium rate

Premium rate
Premium-package with all selectable options

Standard rate

Standard rate
Comfort-package for your trouble-free trip

most popular option
Economy rate

Economy rate
Basic-package for a pure sports car without any extras

Cancellation costs

Cancellation costs
Resulting costs when canceling your booking

20% 30% 50% 100%
Additional driver

Second driver
Amount of additional allowed and registered drivers

3 incl. 3 incl. 1 incl. no

Type of car insurance and financial deductible in case of insurance case

Fully comprehensive cover with € 1.000,- deductible Fully comprehensive cover with € 3.000,- deductible Fully comprehensive cover with € 5.000,- deductible Partly cover with € 5.000,- deductible
GPS navi-gation system

GPS navigation system
For being guided to your target destination under desired conditions

yes yes yes yes
Route plan
on request

Route plan on request
A recommended route tailored for your trip

yes yes yes no
on request

HD-camera on request
An HD-camera mounted in the cockpit of your sports car to perfectly capture your trip with images and sounds.

yes yes no no
Motion Drive

Motion Drive Merchandise
Selection of current Motion Drive fan-items such as a carbon-booklet, lanyard, energy drink and a premium pen

yes yes no no
  € 399,00 € 299,00 € 199,00 inclusive
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