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German Autobahn & Green Hell Supercar Tour




8 supercars / Unlimited German Autobahn / Nürburgring Nordschleife

Welcome to Germany´s most amazing supercar tour in 2018!

Take your seat in one of our 8 exotic supercars and enjoy an unforgettable experience along unlimited German Autobahn sections and gorgeous country roads to arrive at the legendary "Green Hell" - The Nürburgring Nordschleife. After our special motorsport framework program you will be allowed to experience at the Ring by even yourself!


  • Date: Saturday, May 19th 2018
  • Departure at 10am at the Classic Remise Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 8 supercars from 4 countries (incl. Audi R8 V10plus, Mercedes AMG GTS, Nissan GTR, Corvette Z06, Lotus Elise 220 Cup...)
  • Rotational driving over unlimited German autobahn sections & country roads
  • Arrival at the Nürburgring Nordschleife at 1pm
  • Museum tour at the Nürburgring motorsports museum ("ringwelt")
  • Professional 30-lap go-kart race with all tour participants
  • Lunch at the famous "Devil´s Diner" at the Nordschleife
  • HIGHLIGHT: 1 lap self-driving on the Nordschleife
  • End of the tour: 9pm in Düsseldorf

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The perfect combination of a luxurious trip and

a pleasure from driving on the most beautiful roads in Germany and Europe!

As an absolute highlight, Motion Drive® driving holidays offer you the perfect combination of a luxurious trip and a pleasant driving on the most beautiful Europe roads. The guided supercar tours are suitable for companies who are interested in a teambuilding, in order to motivate their workers or to invite their clients to an unusual event. More than that, they are also suitable for day-to-day surprises or unforgetable bachelor parties.

Together with our professional tour guides you can drive the premium sports cars and at the same time enjoy the most attractive hotspots in Germany and Europe. You will drive on the beautiful coasts, see the idyllic low mountain ranges or experience the serpantine of the glorious Alps. On top of that, you are more than welcome to order catering for the duration of the trip. 

Muenchen  and MoreTogether with our partner München and More we offer you individual hotel and restaurant bookings, personal guides, tickets and even more. 

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