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Porsche 911

Leistung 385 HP
Leistung 293 km/h
Leistung 4.2s
Rent from:399€

What you can expect

pfeil-icon The most iconic German sports car
pfeil-icon Maximum performance & comfort
pfeil-icon Premium interior


Driving with instructor:299€
1 Day from:399€
Weekend from:1199€
Week from:1999€
Month from:4999€

New: Our German Autobahn Experience - Drive without speed limitations

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Porsche 911: Our thoughts

It all started with a 911 - not just at Porsche, but also at Motion Drive. Although we are relatively prejudiced and not necessarily the biggest Porsche-fans, we needed to busy one as we´re simply a big Porsche rental company in Germany. So the “911 experience” affect us… and it convinced us! We drove more powerful cars, we drove better equipped cars, and we drove cars which should be more comfortable (apparently). But, non of them came even close to the iconic 911. With no other car it seems to be your duty to drive it with a manual gearbox: you should simply experience how the short motorsports-inspired gear lever slides through the extremely precise channels, and how the very compact steering wheel provides that much feedback that you are able to read the streets. One thing is for sure: the “nine-eleven” bares his name and accompanying myth with pride, and everyone who has only one drop of petrol in their blood should definitely drive a Porsche 911! NEW: Drive a Porsche at speeds of 300 km/h and more with our famous Autobahn Experience!

The Porsche 911 is the right supercar, if..

driving dynamics is more important than anything else. Hardly any other sports car offers such a direct and dynamic driving experience, hardly any is closer to motorsports. Porsche offers performance, which is normally only available at noticeably more powerful and expensive super sports cars - and this combined with a healthy degree of classic understatement. Nevertheless, the Porsche 911 is, despite all the dynamic enhancing attributes, fully equipped with all the needed luxury and amazing comfort to be the perfect companion for longer trips, too.

History of the Porsche 911

When Porsche introduced the “Nine-eleven” at the IAA in Frankfurt in 1963, they created the foundation for a success story which has not been equaled yet in the world of sports cars. It is the icon of all German sports cars, and has been celebrated over the past decades also in motorsports with spectacular results. Nowadays, meanwhile evolved over six generations, the 911 Carrera became thanks to his honorable achievements a true legend. Despite (or maybe because of) the classic remaining silhouette and the traditional rear boxer-engine concept, the Porsche 911 still performs in a league of its own. Thanks to his low weight, perfect traction, and extreme handling, he still knows how to impress the still growing group of customers.

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