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Rent a
Mercedes C63S AMG

Leistung 510 HP
Leistung 280 km/h
Leistung 3.9s
Rent from:399€

What you can expect

pfeil-icon AMG power straight outta Affalterbach
pfeil-icon stunning V8 sound of the hand-crafted 4.0 liter V8 bi-turbo engine
pfeil-icon rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential


Driving with instructor:299€
1 Day from:399€
Weekend from:999€
Week from:1999€
Month from:4999€

New: Our German Autobahn Experience - Drive without speed limitations

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Mercedes C63S AMG: Our thoughts

Immediately when you get in, you realize that you are sitting in a Mercedes. The interior can be described as luxurious and the workmanship is beyond any doubt. Once you start the engine it's music in the ears of every V8 lover. No other manufacturer knows it as well as Mercedes to transport the sound of a car to the outside. The AMG performance exhaust system is a dream and can be both quiet and comfortable, as well as loud and pretentious. This sports sedan is the perfect symbiosis of sports car and sedan, everyone enjoys this car. By adjusting the driving modes through the dynamic switch, everyone can decide whether they prefer to drive sporty, comfortable or completely without driving assistance. With the facelift from 2018, the Panamericana Grill from the Mercedes AMG GT R has now also found its way onto the car in the C Class. This makes the C class a real eye-catcher and stands out clearly from the models that do not bear the name AMG. NEW: Drive a Mercedes AMG on the Autobahn at speeds of 300 km/h an more with our famous Autobahn Experience!

The Mercedes C63S AMG is the right supercar, if..

If you love Mercedes and German engineering, then this car is the perfect companion for you. Even skeptics are thrilled with the sound and the flawless workmanship. Performance combined with comfort underlines the always high ambitions of Mercedes in the segment of sporty sedans. Convince yourself of the character diversity that the Mercedes C63S AMG has. Let the V8 howl and drive the AMG to its limits.

History of the Mercedes C63S AMG

Since the tuning company AMG has teamed up with Mercedes, one can talk of a dream marriage in the German automotive landscape. Launched as a tuner for Mercedes vehicles, Mercedes-AMG is now a subsidiary of Daimler AG. What distinguishes the vehicles of Mercedes AMG are the plates signed by hand on the engines. So you know exactly who has built your engine and who you have to complain to, if you have a breakdown. Previously, the designation 63 was for a V8 with approximately 6.3 liters, the power spectrum even reached up to 525 hp. A modified version of this engine was also installed in the Mercedes SLS AMG. Nowadays a 4.0 liter V8 bi-turbo is installed with 510 HP. The first C-class built by Mercedes and AMG was the C36 AMG from 1993. Until today, new AMG models are released and especially with the appendix Black Series are particularly noteworthy. These are characterized by a higher performance and also have other extras that the normal AMG models do not have. Unfortunately there has not been a Black Series since 2013. All fans of the brand hope that there will soon be a new to admire and to dream.

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